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Ramsey Fine Arts: Red White and Blues

Despite the intense heat, this fourth of July was a festive one for the attendees at Finch Park. Headstache was there to check out all the music, food, and fun for the whole family as hundreds waited for the annual fire work display.

Ramsey Fine Arts: Red, White, & Blues from Headstache Productions on Vimeo.

Canal Day Festival Commercial

Here is the television commercial we did for the Canal Day festival that aired on TV!

Canal Day Commercial from Headstache Productions on Vimeo.

Sugar Glyder – One More Snow

The Court Tavern has been a staple of New Brunswick, NJ shows for years, from the most fleetingly passing one hit wonders to established legends of rock. Sugar Glyder, one of our old favorites from down south, came back to the area to play a show with personal favorites Terminal Reynaldo. Here’s one of their new singles.

Sugar Glyder- One More Snow from Headstache Productions on Vimeo.

The Bad Notes

the bad notes pic

Headstache Productions traveled to Mountain Creek for an interview and live performance by The Bad Notes.

The Bad Notes from Headstache Productions on Vimeo.

Listen Up Jersey Pilot


Listen Up, Jersey! is a musically focused entertainment program dedicated to providing an energetic, compelling, and quirky insight into New Jersey’s best music, arts, and culture.

Please join our host, Lindsay Sanchez, as she visits Hoboken to see the Doughboys perform live at Maxwells Bar and Restaurant.

Listen up, Jersey! pilot from Headstache Productions on Vimeo.

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