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Star Wars™: Knights of the Old Republic™ Studio Insider Update

January 24, 2011 BLOG No Comments

Star Wars Studio Insider recently released a ton of new information about the upcoming MMORPG Star Wars™: Knights of the Old Republic™!

star wars knights of the old republic agent ship

star wars knights of the old republic

Along with an in depth discussion about the making of the Agent class starship, Senior Producer Blaine Christine answers some of the community’s questions about Star Wars™: Knights of the Old Republic™

Here are some features we will see in the game:

• Expect to face a diverse set of enemies as you progress through the game. Each world will have a distinct look/feel and the npc diversity will play a large role in that. “We’re confident that as you move through the game, you will be pleased with the progression of enemies – not only from a visual standpoint, but also in the variety of attacks and challenges that they offer.”

• Some planets will only be available to one allegiance, however, the vast majority of planets will be open to the Republic and the Empire.

• Advanced classes will not have a direct impact on quests or character storyline, but they do impact the abilities, weapons and armors that you can use.

• All of the classes will have very cool armor progressions as you level through the game. Players that put in the time and effort to get gear will be significantly rewarded.

• When you meet a new companion that you can acquire it will be pretty obvious (meaning you won’t accidently “miss” a companion). They will be putting in tons of goodies / Easter eggs for ambitious gamers to find.

• Star Wars: The Old Republic will feel like a sequel to KOTOR 1 and II. “The Old Republic has been written from day one of development with the idea that it was a true sequel to the original Knights of the Old Republic games. For folks that have not played those games, you will certainly feel right at home as well, but to get the full backstory we do encourage players to play KOTOR I and II.”

• You will be able to que for the PVP Warzones with a full group. “You can queue solo or in an existing group and our dynamic matchmaking system will do its best to find suitable opponents accordingly.”

• It will be possible to complete special quests given by your companions as seen in previous Bio Ware games like Mass Effect. “Completing these quests can result in changes to the affection level of that companion and can uncover rewards for both you and your party that may not be found anywhere else in the game. Each companion also has a distinct personality as they interact with you and other characters you encounter throughout your personal Star Wars saga.”

The more information that comes out about this game, the more excited we get. Star Wars™: Knights of the Old Republic™ is looking to be the best MMORPG since WOW. We are anxiously waiting for more news about this game!

Read the full Studio Insider interview here.

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